Friday, October 07, 2005

Saint Luke's Place

Manhattan > Greenwich Village > Saint Luke's Place

Saint Luke's Place rowhouses [Nos. 5-16] were built in the early 1850s.

* * No. 6: The former residence of "The Night Mayor," dapper gentleman Jim, has a pair of mayoral lamps. In 1932, Jimmy Walker resigned in disgrace and fled to Europe.

* * No. 10: Exterior of the home shown on "The Cosby Show."

* * No. 11: The Masses editor Max Eastman was raided by police here in 1920; psychedelic guru Timothy Leary was raided by police in 1965.

* * No. 12: In 1923, novelist Sherwood Anderson lived here. Later it was homebase for Starr Faithfull, 25, a flapper who lived with her mother, sister, and step-father here. Starr's body washed up at Long Beach, Long Island, instigating an intrigue that dominated Jefferson Market Court and newspaper headlines in the summer of 1931.

* * No. 12 1/2: Once the happy household where Jean Boudin won poetry prizes and civil rights attorney Leonard Boudin won cases, and their daughter Kathy Boudin, who became a member of the Weather Underground. During the 1970s, this intelligent group accidentally detonated a West 11th Street rowhouse and killed several fair Weatherman friends.

* * No. 16: In November 1923, Theodore Dreiser was living in a studio here as he worked on his novel An American Tragedy.