Saturday, March 04, 2006

133 East 56th Street

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In palmier times, a well-regarded restaurant was located on the street level: Madame Romaine DeLyonn. Food writer Clementine Haskin Paddleford [1900 - 1967] dined here and included some of Madame R's recipes in her New York Herald Tribune columns; she was their columnist from 1936 - 1966.
• • Currently, P.J. Carney's, a pub for noisy Irish drunks, is on the tiny [16' X 42'] site.
• • Upstairs, in Apartment 3-F, is the lovenest maintained by KY-Jelly bulk-buyer James Colliton, age 41, a father of 5 children (bunking at 28 Millbank Road, Poughkeepsie, NY with Mrs. James Colliton) who used to be employed as a tax attorney by Cravath, Swaine & Moore. SWAIN indeed! The lolita-loving sex fiend kept an underage harem on tap, reported yesterday's New York Law Journal and The New York Daily News.
• • The youngsters were forced into prostitution by their work-averse mommy, age 38, when her daughters were then 13 and 15. [The female who dropped a dime on "Big Jim" Colliton is now 21 years old.] James Colliton's birthdate is April 10th, 1964.
• • "I was paid $300 or $400 depending on what I had to do," the minor told police. "And I had to do NASTY things." The teen was also given marijuana, tickets to rap concerts, jewelry, a computer, and a TV - - but her mother grabbed those items as well as half the cash.
• • The building's sign says "Apartment for Rent." Y'all come over. Meet the neighbors.
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