Wednesday, October 12, 2005

201 West 52nd Street

Manhattan > Midtown > West 52nd Street

Famous star and sheik of the screen Rudolph Valentino was feted on the second floor of this building on 52nd Street east of Broadway on Sunday night, July 25, 1926. Helping the Italian heartthrob celebrate the premiere of The Son of the Sheik were James R. Quirk, editor of Photoplay Magazine and Tommy Guinan, who owned the nightspot located here: Playground.
According to The N.Y. Times [24 July 1926]: "In courtesy to Mr. Quirk and appreciation of Mr. Valentino, MISS TEXAS GUINAN will appear with her entire "Mob" in addition to the Playground Review.
Shortly afterwards:
* 23 August 1926: Valentino dies in Manhattan hospital after surgery.
* 13 January 1927: Playground padlocked 6 months for violating Prohibition.