Friday, October 14, 2005

107 West 45th Street

Manhattan > Midtown > West 45th Street

Crowd Sees Club Locked
El Fey Entertainers to Spend the Interim in Vaudeville

[17 April 1925 N.Y. TIMES]

The El Fey Nightclub at 107 West 45th Street, one of the gayest of the midtown nightclubs, was padlocked yesterday at 4:30 o'clock and will remain dark until May 28. The club, operated by "Larry" Fay, was one of the 14 clubs in which, according to agents of U.S. Attorney Buckner, liquor was sold. As Deputy Marshal Hier was driving staples into the front door, while a crowd of several hundred looked on, Frank White who ran the entertainment at the club, said that Texas Guinan, hostess, and the members of the El Fey Follies would spend the idle six weeks in vaudeville. Special efforts were made to ensure the departure of Mecca, the tiger cat mascot of the club, before the padlock was snapped on. . . .
[Note: 1908-1916 this building was home to The Friars, a men's club, which moved to larger quarters.]